viernes, 2 de diciembre de 2011

My Favorite room

My favorite room is my bedroom, because there is my personal things, also in my room make my university activities, wathc tv and play with my PC.

My house

in my house there are 4 rooms:

                         A   Kitchen
There is a kitchen, there is a refrigerator,a stove, a table and 4 chairs.

                                                                                                                     My bedroom
there is my bed room, there is a bed, a tv, a computer, a desk.

Living room                                                                      

In my living room there is a large sofa, a lamps and two laptops.

In my bathroom there is a sink, a toilet a shower.

lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2011

what are you wearing?

                                             What is she wearing?

What is he wearing?

What are they wearing?

where are you wearing??

Interview to four celebrities:

1st singer (Felipe Pelaez):

Adrian: Felipe how are you?
Felipe: I’m fine and you?
Adrian: Fine, felipe what do you do?
Felipez: i’m musician.
Adrian: ahmm okey, Felipez what do you work?
Felipez: i’m  professional singer of the vallenato music.
Adrian: what do you like?
Felipe: I like play my guitar and sing for my fans.
Adrian: thank you felipe.

2nd Boxer (Manny Pacquiao)

Adrian: oh! Manny how are you?
Manny: hello adrian i’m fine and you?
Adrian: Fine, manny what do you do?
Manny: i’m  champion boexer.
Adrian: oh very good, manny what do you work?
Manny: i’m proffesional fight of boxeo but  i’m also singer, actor and deputy.
Adrian: oh it is very fine! Manny what do you like?
Manny: I like help to the philippines people, and make big shows in the ring for all people in the work.
Adrian: Thank you manny for the interview.

3rd Actress (jennifer Lopez)

Adrian: jennifer hello how are you?
Jennifer: hello i’m very good and you?
Adrian: i’m Fine, jennifer what do you do?
Jennifer: i’m  actress.
Adrian:  woow its fine, jennifer what do you work?
jennifer: i work making movies and singer.
Adrian:ok! Jennifer what do you like?
Jennifer: I like dance and sing my songs in a concerts for my fans and make movies in holliwood
                                                                   Adrian: Thank you Jennifer.

4th Designer (Chip Foose) 

Adrian: chip how are you?
Chip: hello i’m very good and you?
Adrian: i’m Fine, chip what do you do?
Chip: i’m  paint designer.
Adrian: mmm ok, what do you work?
Chip: i work in a program called: overhaulin designing paints for the cars.
Adrian:ok its interesting. what do you like?
Chip: I like drive and admire the cars makes in the program.
Adrian: Thank you Chip.

lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2011

talk with miguel 3rd class

it is a dialogue of the 3rd class of english
Miguel:Here 's the magazine adrian
Adrian: great what movies are playing
Miguel: the movie of the "Er conde jones" is play at 3:30 let see it
Adrian: Hmmm i dont really want to see that u prefer to see "The devil night"
Miguel:okey,that sounds good

My biography

my name is adrian i'm from venezuela specifly of maracaibo- zulia state, i made this blog because i want lear much englishi and publich all my homeworks with the peoples on the word. my big dream is graduate of engineering and travel around to word my best frien is diego, we go togheter everywhere, i hate the salad and brocoli,hate listen music higth and i like the people. i said: god is with me who can be against me?